The Rock Church exists to help make heaven more crowded. Our mission at The Rock Church is to pursue, influence, and multiply. We pursue people who are far from God, influence them for the Gospel, and then multiply the mission in their life. One of our favorite things to say is, “One More!” One more soul, one more disciple, one more opportunity to show God’s love.


We need all hands on deck to effectively reach out to our community! We call this our DREAM TEAM. Serving is a great way to grow and discover your calling!


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We have identical services at every location. Scottsbluff meets on Sundays at 9:00am & 11:00am. The worship experience lasts 70-85 minutes, and you should arrive about 15 minutes early if you have children. That will give you plenty of time to check them in at KidzRock before the service begins.

Church: 3515 5th Ave
Office: 416 Valley View Dr. Suite 1100
Phone: 308-632-6845
Service Times: 9 & 11 AM