Reaching the Whole Family at Family Faith Day

With Family Faith Day approaching, I can’t help but be overly excited about what is happening in Kidz Rock. Every year as our August outreach sneaks up on us I begin thinking of creative ways to reach the kids of the valley. At Family Faith Day, kids of all ages will be immersed in God’s word in a new and exciting way.

All students will learn how to listen to God and learn from Him based on the story found in 1 Samuel 3. In this story, Samuel hears God calling to him three times and thinks that Eli is calling for him. After the third time, Eli tells Samuel that if he hears the voice again to say, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” When Samuel heard the voice of God again, he did as Eli told him. God spoke to Samuel many amazing things, and Samuel listened.

 What Kidz Rock will look like for your child.

We will have an entire building dedicated to loving on and teaching infants-2 year olds. Babies and toddlers will watch the bible story video, have the bible story read to them, explore different objects that make sound, be individually prayed over, and much more.

 Students age 4-5th grade will all start in the Kiwanis Lodge for large group games, worship, and a lively skit. Students will then break off into small groups based on their age for the remainder of the service.

 In their small groups, students will rotate through four different activity stations. Those stations include a craft, recess, hands on discovery, and Bible study. During the Bible study, all students will learn the summary memory verse, “Wise people listen and add to what they learn.” Proverbs 1:5. Younger students will talk about the bible story while coloring a picture, older kids will get to act out the story and readers will study the story in their bible.

 This all begins at 10am at YMCA Trails West Camp. Check-in will begin at 9:30am for all the early birds. Check-in will look a little differently than the normal Sunday, as we will have two separate check-in locations for the two different buildings. If you have students going into each building, check-in all students at one location, drop off your student(s) that will remain at that building, and then escort your other student(s) to their assigned building.

 There will be signs to help guide you where to go and the check-in team will be stationed at both check-in locations to assist all families, regular attenders and new guests, so don’t be afraid to ask a smiling face for some assistance!

 What you can do at home.

 If you want to make this event even more impactful on your child’s life, I encourage you to begin praying for God to prepare their heart now. You can also read the bible story as a family over the next week.

 After they attend service, I encourage you to find some time to talk about what they learned. Dig even deeper with your student at home and discuss how God talks to you and ask them how God has talked to them. Never forget that as their parent, you have the best opportunity to disciple your child.

Afternoon activities.

 After services, parents will pick up their student(s) to enjoy a free lunch and afternoon activities as a family. Some of the afternoon activities are swimming, bounce houses, face painting, gaga ball, and water fights! There will be scheduled activities available for kids throughout the afternoon, so make sure to check the activity schedule board that will be up that day.

 We are also going to bless our community by providing FREE haircuts for all students under the age of 18. This will be located on the sidewalk outside the Fliesbach building from 1:30-4pm.

 Make sure to stay around all afternoon so that you don’t miss out on any of these fun family opportunities!

How you can help.

 Every single person can help by praying. Pray that everything goes smoothly; pray that God prepares the hearts of these kids; pray that God works through this event to grow students closer to Him. I am asking you to join me in dedicating some of your prayer time towards the students of the community as we prepare for this event.

 The Kidz Rock team will be busy from 7am-noon setting up, praying, practicing, teaching, and tearing down. If you would like to take some time to help all of this run smoothly, whether that be helping in the classroom, setting up, or tearing down, contact me at the church before this event takes place so that we can make that happen.

 Thank you!

 To everyone who is helping make this event happen, thank you! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do at this event and how He is going to bless all who serve.




Megan Pilkington 
                                 Children’s Ministries Director