The Terrytown Cleanup Team will be picking up trash and mowing areas of overgrown grass.

*Moderate to heavy activity level.

We will bless those who come in to the local laundry facilities by paying for their laundry. The Laundry Love Team will have the oppurtunity to share the love of Jesus by talking and pray for these individuals.

The Cirrus House Team will help to complete landscaping projects by spreading rocks along rock beds.

* Moderate to heavy activity level.

By helping move and organize shelving and clothing. The Foster Care Closet Team will assist in this program who provides support for children in the Foster System.

*Moderate to heavy activity level.

The Food Team is an important part of Big Serve and will help prep, cook, and serve lunch after the other teams come back to the church.

By setting an example of serving, the Kidz On Mission team will provide care for children 6 months through Kindergarten.

The Nursing Home Team will serve at Scottsbluff Care & Rehabilitation Center. They will have the oppurtunity to talk and pray with the residents.

The Potter’s Wheel Team will organize and assist in moving items within the Potter’s Wheel Ministries warehouse.

*Moderate to heavy activity level.


Big Serve Sunday is putting action to our mission statement to Pursue, Influence, and Multiply. Join us July 29th from 9AM to 12:30PM, then lunch to follow back at the church.

Church: 3515 5th Ave
Office: 411 Valley View Dr. Suite 1100
Phone: 308-632-6845
Service Times: 9 & 11 AM