Hello! My name is Alonso (Fonzie) Lopez, a former Revolution Student. It has been almost a full year since I have transitioned out of the student ministry, and left for college. I am currently attending Nebraska Christian College in Omaha Nebraska and pursuing my degree in Pastoral Ministry.

I am currently being networked into a few intercity churches in Omaha, along with working with youth throughout the city. I lead a student organization called One Body, which is created to bring N.C.C’s campus community together under a three part agenda of diversity, unity, and ministry.

Leadership opportunities have began to open up for me throughout the country, and expected to continue through institution programs. I have found a great community of friends where true godly, accountable, and fun bonds have been created.

Being completely emerged in my calling, and learning and experiencing this next season of life has been amazing, challenging, rewarding, and kind of weird. It was through Revolution Student Ministries, I found my calling in ministry, and enabled me to fully embrace my faith.

I learned solid biblical truths,and developed great leadership skills through discipleship from some of the best leaders in the valley. I met Jesus in the revolution room, and have no doubt more students will continue to meet him there as well.


  • Alonso ( Fonzie ) Lopez