We’re starting a new series this week! It’s called The Untouchables and it’s all about the life, ministry, and radical love of Jesus.

This week, we will talk to students about how Jesus ate with people everyone else despised. He loved the “untouchables.”In our second week of The Untouchables, here was the big idea: Jesus valued the outcasts. The following week, we will learn about the life and ministry of Jesus and how He restored the sinful. In our final week of The Untouchables, we will have a really important conversation. Here was the point: Jesus forgave the unforgivable.

It has been a busy summer so far, with camps, different events and of course, there is more to come. So, here are some important dates you need to know:

#BigServe Sunday July 29rth 8:30AM

I invite you as students and parents to join us in Terrytown, for #BigServe Sunday on July 29th. It would be amazing to be united as Sr. and Jr. students serving together to be the hands and feet of Jesus for a few hours. Then we will come back to the church to eat some great food.

Family Faith Day Aug 19 at Riverside Discovery Center. 

Shane Harwood
Student Ministry Pastor