As the school year begins to wind down and the summer starts to sneak up on us, I get excited about two words: Test Drive! Every year is bittersweet as we transition students into a new Next Gen ministry while they get ready to start in a new school grade. To make this transition easier on students and get them excited to move into the new ministry, we have Test Drive on the last week of the month.

On Test Drive Sunday’s, students will check into Kidz Rock as usual, and then Kindergarteners will go with the elementary students during the lesson and bible study. 5th grade students go in the sanctuary with a teacher to participate in worship and hear the sermon, all the while having the teacher train them how to get the most out of Sunday sermons. Sunday evening, 8th grade students are invited to attend SR High Revolution.

On Test Drive Wednesday’s, Kindergarteners are invited to join us at J12 for worship, an interactive lesson, small groups, and games. 5th grade students will start in J12 as usual, and then will join a teacher to visit JR High Revolution and participate in their worship, lesson, small groups, and games.

Test Drive is a great opportunity to prepare your student for the ministry they will be moving up into. Mark your calendar with these important dates so your child doesn’t miss out!

March 26th – Test Drive Sunday

March 29th – Test Drive Wednesday

April 23rd – Test Drive Sunday

April 26th – Test Drive Wednesday

May 28th – Test Drive Sunday

May 31st – Test Drive Wednesday

June 28th – 5th grade students move up to Jr High Revolution

July 5th – 1st grade students move up to J12

Join us every week!

J12 – 1st-5th grade, Wednesday’s 6:30-8pm

JR High Revolution – 6th-8th grade, Wednesday’s 6:30-8pm

SR High Revolution – 9th-12th grade, Sunday’s 6-8pm

Kidz Rock is available for infants-5th grade every Sunday service