What we Believe

We are a Foursquare Church.

Our Mission



The Rock Values

We pursue people who are far from God, influence them for the Gospel, and then multiply the mission in their life. One of our favorite things to say is, “One More!” One more soul, one more disciple, one more opportunity to show God’s love.

God's Word

We believe the Bible is our all-sufficient guide for faith and living. We believe all Scripture is infallible and inspired by God. It should be studied and memorized by all believers.

God's Love

We believe that God’s love is unconditional and has the power to restore lives. It should be seen through all believers.


We believe those who follow Christ should persevere in His mission to serve others… His church and the world.


We believe families are given from God and blessed by Him. Relationships are fostered through fellowship, outreach, and love.


We believe giving should be done joyfully and immediately to God and those in need. Time, talents, finances, and appreciation should flow with generosity through all believers.

Church: 3515 5th Ave
Office: 416 Valley View Dr. Suite 1100
Phone: 308-632-6845
Service Times: 9 & 11 AM